Systems Command was a department of the Grayson Space Navy, which served as the research and development shop.

All home-grown technology updates the GSN put into place prior to 1672 PD were developed here; this included improved inertial compensators and fission reactors and has worked very closely with the Royal Manticoran Navy's Weapons Development Board on many aspects of Manticoran Alliance technology.

In the 20th Century PD, with the growing influx of new technology from Manticore, the GSN intended replace Systems Command with the Office of Technology; High Admiral Wesley Matthews and Protector Benjamin IX overruled the decision, and argued that Grayson must not rely solely on foreign technology and should continue its own development programs. Thus, Systems Command retained its R&D role while coordinating closely with the Office of Technology. Its commanding officer in 1922 PD was Vice Admiral Thomas Albert. (Companion)

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