Sword class 01
Name: Sword class
Type: Heavy cruiser
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: 1867 PD
Preceded By: Champion class
Succeeded By: Mars-A class
Mass: 286,250 tons
Length: 512 m
Beam: 62 m
Draught: 52 m
Acceleration: 510.2 G
Crew: 960
– 77 officers
– 693 enlisted
– 190 marines
Power: 2 DR/7 type 4a fusion reactors
Electronics: AG-12 gravitic detection array

AR-15 phased radar array
AL-6(c) lidar array
SC-29(24/18) integrated fire control

Armament: 18 LMF-5(c) missile tubes

2 L/130 anti-ship lasers
10 L/118 anti-ship lasers
18 LMC-8(g) counter missile tubes
22 P-16(5) laser clusters

Magazines: 324 F17 impeller drive missile

360 C2 counter missiles
10 RD.12 recon drones
8 DQ.25 ECM decoys

Auxiliary Craft: 2 Ouragan class pinnaces

3 Mercure class cutters

The Sword class was a class of heavy cruisers built and used by the People's Navy.

Class design Edit

The design was originally proposed as a replacement for the Champion class in 1864 PD. It was just as missile heavy as the contemporary Bastogne class destroyer, but corrected some of that class' shortcomings by implementing a lighter broadside throw weight in favor of larger magazines.

The Sword class was also the only class of Havenite warship regularly equipped with the LMF-5(c) missile tube, designed for high speed loading. (JIR2)

History Edit

Once in service, the Sword class[1] proved to have serious problems due to its limited counter missile firing capabilities; a captain had to bring his ship in and destroy the enemy before the latter could overcome the ship's weak defenses. A number of refits were tested to overcome these flaws, the one on PNS Flamberge being considered the most successful. (JIR2)

The class was still in use at the start of the First Havenite-Manticoran War, but Haven began to phase it out in favor of the Mars class by 1911 PD.[2] (HH7)

At the start of the Second Havenite-Manticoran War, this class was considered obsolete. (SI1)


  1. In The Short Victorious War and In Enemy Hands, it was also referred to as the Scimitar class.
  2. This was already two years over the class' expected service life.

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