Supakrit X
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Supakrit X
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Supakrit X was an escaped Mesan genetic slave and a non-commissioned officer in the Royal Torch Army.

Biography Edit

As a teenager, he fell in love with a young female slave, but after a few months, they were separated, leaving him heartbroken. He later escaped to freedom and joined the Audubon Ballroom. Once the Kingdom of Torch was created, Supakrit left the Ballroom and enlisted in the new star nation's army; one of the reasons being that the military would pay for his prolong treatments.

Holding the rank of Sergeant in 1922, he was stationed aboard Parmley Station in the Hainuwele System. He took part in the boarding of the slaving vessel Ramathibodi. When the boarding party encountered a number of slaves inside the ship, Supakrit showed them his genetically imprinted tongue marker to earn their trust. He was demoted to Corporal after he let Takahashi Ayako get her hands on a knife which she used to kill one of the slavers they captured.

A short while later, he had gotten to know Ayako, and eventually proposed marriage to her, which would ensure she received free prolong as well. She accepted, and they were just about to consumate the relationship when he was called away for Operation Serket Breach. (CS3)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Sergeant
  • Corporal (demoted in early 1922 PD)

Posts Edit

  • Parmley Station

References Edit

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