Sultan class
Name: Sultan class
Type: Battlecruiser
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: mid-19th Century PD
Preceded By: Tiger class
Succeeded By: Warlord class
Mass: 859,250 tons
Length: 707 m
Beam: 90 m
Draught: 80 m
Acceleration: 489.2 G
Crew: 2195
– 190 Officers
– 1705 Enlisted
– 300 Marines
Power: 3 RF/8 Tricastin 2 Fusion Reactors
Electronics: AG-15 Gravitic Detection Array
AR-18(a) Phased Radar Array
AL-13 Lidar Array
SLC-19(a) 22x12-channel DCS
ARBB-23 Electronic Countermeasures
Armament: 46 LMF-5(d) Missile Tubes

4 L/130 Capital Ship Lasers
12 L/118 Anti-Ship Lasers
12 G/125 Grasers
40 LMC-8(g) Counter Missile Tubes
36 P/18x6 Anti-Missile Lasers
Tractor Beam

Magazines: 1528 F17 Impeller drive missiles
3640 C2 Counter missiles
10 LAD-15 Tethered ECM decoys
Auxiliary Craft: 3 4 D.435 Ouragan-class pinnaces
5 DB.100 Mercure-class cutters

The Sultan class was a class of battlecruisers built and used by the People's Navy from the mid-19th to the early 20th Century PD.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

It was almost ten percent larger than its predecessor, the Tiger class, and boasted significant enhancements in both armament and electronics over the older design. The class was eventually superseded by the Warlord class during the First Havenite-Manticoran War. (HH7)


The Sultan class had twice the armament and five times the ammunition of a Manticoran Star Knight-class heavy cruiser. (HH2)

It mounted 3 missile launchers in its chase armament and 20 in each broadside. (HH6)

It had a designed n-space endurance of only 95 T-days between refuelings. (JIR2)

Known vessels Edit

References Edit

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Sultan-class table updated from Jayne's Intelligence Weekly (Vol 2, pg 24)

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