Strathson Steading was a Grayson steading, or feudal province.

Seven hundred years prior to 1911 PD, the ruling Steadholder Strathson died without any heirs to succeed him in office, and thus the Steading reverted back to the Protector.

The "Strathson Steading precedent" would be considered by Protector Benjamin IX, Regent Howard Clinkscales and Chancellor Henry Prestwick as one of the possible outcomes for Harrington Steading after the (later proven false) death of Honor Harrington, who by then had no legal heir to her Steadholdership. (HH8)

Steadings of Grayson
The original Five Steadings: Bancroft | Burdette | Mackenzie | Mayhew | Yanakov
The later Steadings: Ames | Berylinko | Canseco | Coleman | Denby | Denevski | Elway | Esterhaus | Forchein | Garth | Harrington | Howell | Kelly | Kimbrell | Magruder | Michaelson | Mueller | Oswald | Owens | Prestwick | Redmon | Seneca | Simonds | Strathson | Surtees | Sutherland | Watson

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