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Stephen Westman
Male civilian
Full Name
Stephen Westman
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Stephen Westman was a Montana citizen and the leader and founder of the Montana Independence Movement.

Family Edit

Politician Clint Westman was his cousin. (HH14)

Biography Edit

He and his followers managed to bomb several government facilities. Westman did his best to avoid human casualties in his attacks, sending warnings so that his targets could be evacuated before he destroyed them. He also chose targets designed to make the government, the annexation proposal, and Manticorans and Manticoran property look ridiculous. He knew that the considerable care to avoid injury or death would have to be changed sooner or later, but before that could happen, Captain Aivars Terekhov of the Royal Manticoran Navy and Bernardus Van Dort of the Rembrandt Trade Union provided him with evidence that his contact "Firebrand" was actually an agent of the Solarian League's Office of Frontier Security and that his entire program had been subverted without his knowledge. Westman then agreed to have his followers lay down their weapons and accept a general amnesty from the President. (SI1)

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