Stefka Juarez was a Mesan citizen working for the Mesan Alignment as a research scientist.

She became a member of the inner circle of "the Onion" when she was a teenager. In 1922 PD, she was a task force director in the facility headed by Anastasia Chernevsky. She was among five specialists who were secretely removed from the division as part of Operation Houdini.

During a stop in the Balcescu System, Juarez was transfered to the slaver Prince Sundjata with two other scientists, Gail Weiss and Zachariah McBryde, with a Genetic Advancement and Uplift League agent named Anthony Zhilov as their handler and guard. However, before they could leave the system, a raiding force of the Royal Torch Navy arrived and forced the other slaver, Luigi Pirandello, to surrender. When the vessel was boarded, the GAUL agent aboard initiated the self destruct to keep the Alignment's secret. This caused Doctor Juarez to panic and attack Agent Zhilov, starting a violent altercation during which he killed her with his pulser. (CS3)

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