Lord Stefan Young, 12th Earl of North Hollow, was a Manticoran citizen, the younger son of Dimitri Young.

Biography Edit

Stefan became Earl after his older brother, Pavel, was killed in a duel by Honor Harrington. He married Georgia Sakristos, his father's and brother's security consultant and keeper of the North Hollow files. Unlike his father, he was unaware of his wife's secret identity as a former genetic slave. (HH10)

He was the only member of the House of Lords to oppose Honor Harrington's return to active duty for her anti-piracy mission in the Silesian Confederacy in 1908 PD (though many guessed that this was compelled by family solidarity rather than any honest affection for his deceased brother).(HH6)

In the High Ridge government, he served as Minister of Trade, but retired and went into relative seclusion after the destruction of his mansion and the mysterious disappearance of his wife. (HH10, Companion)

Personality and Traits Edit

Prior to their marriage, Georgia Sakristos' private assessment of her future husband was that he displayed most or all of the negative qualities of his father and brothers, though he was not quite as stupid as Pavel. She also calculated that his ambition and thirst for power would make him easy to manipulate. (HH4)

Stefan acted as Pavel's second during the latter's fatal duel with Honor Harrington. In terror for his own life, Pavel yearned for some small gesture of comfort or affection from his brother, but Stefan remained aloof, outwardly observing the formal protocol of the dueling field, while inwardly vowing to carry on the Youngs' grudge against Harrington, regardless of what happened to Pavel. It was Stefan's behavior that led Pavel to the brief, belated epiphany that his entire family had been raised with the same nihilistic outlook; that they believed in nothing except serving their own advancement and gratification, and would leave behind no legacy of any value. (HH4)

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