A steading was a feudal province on the planet Grayson, ruled by a steadholder.

As of 1922 PD, there were eighty-two steadings on Grayson. Three others were disestablished and incorporated into the Protector's own domain after their Steadholders, the leaders of the Faithful, were defeated during the Grayson Civil War. (HH3)

Five Original Steadings Edit

  1. Bancroft Steading – disestablished
  2. Burdette Steading
  3. Mackenzie Steading
  4. Mayhew Steading
  5. Yanakov Steading

Known Later Steadings Edit

  1. Ames Steading
  2. Berylinko Steading
  3. Canseco Steading
  4. Coleman Steading
  5. Denby Steading
  6. Denevski Steading
  7. Elway Steading
  8. Esterhaus Steading
  9. Forchein Steading
  10. Garth Steading
  11. Harrington Steading
  12. Howell Steading
  13. Kelly Steading
  14. Kimbrell Steading
  15. Magruder Steading
  16. Michaelson Steading
  17. Mueller Steading
  18. Oswald Steading – disestablished
  19. Owens Steading
  20. Prestwick Steading
  21. Redmon Steading
  22. Seneca Steading
  23. Simonds Steading – disestablished
  24. Strathson Steading
  25. Surtees Steading
  26. Sutherland Steading
  27. Watson Steading

Protector's Steading Edit

The three disestablished steadings (Bancroft, Simonds and Oswald) were not incorporated into Mayhew Steading, but rather into the newly created Protector's Steading. From that time the Protector became an entity separate from the steadholders, and title of Steadholder Mayhew belonged to the next person in the line of succession for the Protectorship. (HH3)

References Edit

Steadings of Grayson
The original Five Steadings: Bancroft | Burdette | Mackenzie | Mayhew | Yanakov
The later Steadings: Ames | Berylinko | Canseco | Coleman | Denby | Denevski | Elway | Esterhaus | Forchein | Garth | Harrington | Howell | Kelly | Kimbrell | Magruder | Michaelson | Mueller | Oswald | Owens | Prestwick | Redmon | Seneca | Simonds | Strathson | Surtees | Sutherland | Watson

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