The State Funeral of Honor Harrington was held after the report of her execution by the People's Republic of Haven's Office of State Security, after her longstanding conviction and death sentence was approved. It was unique in several respects, among which was that it was the first state funeral ever to be held simultaneously in two star systems.

Manticore Edit

In the Manticore System, the funeral involved an empty coffin on an ancient horse-drawn cassion borne along King Roger I Boulevard to King Michael's Cathedral for internment in the Royal crypt. It was escorted by Rafael Cardones, Michelle Henke (who carried the Harrington Sword), James Webster, then the Commanding Officer, Home Fleet, all seven Lords of the Admiralty, and two midshipwomen from the Saganami Island Naval Academy. The processin was overflown by a flight of Javelin atmospheric trainers in the ancient missing man formation.

Salvatore Hammerwell's "Lament for Beauty Lost" was played in the Cathedral during the service. (HH8)

Grayson Edit

The Grayson state funeral was held at exactly the same time (as nearly as could be arranged in a different star system 30 some light years away) and was overseen by Reverend Jeremiah Sullivan. The empty coffin for that ceremony was carried by Protector Benjamin IX, Alfred Harrington, Harrington Regent Howard Clinkscales, High Admiral Wesley Matthews, Steadholder Michael Mayhew, and Simon Mattingly.[1]

The funeral service itself was held in the Protector's Cathedral since Steadholder Harrington had been Protector's Champion. (HH8)

Return from the dead Edit

There was considerable enthusiastic rejoicing two years later, when Lady Harrington returned from the Havenite prison planet Hades, demonstrating reports of her death to have been greatly exaggerated. Unwinding memorials and awards resulting from her 'death' took some time and occasioned a certain amount of embarrassment on some people's part. (HH9)

References Edit

  1. Mattingly was the highest-ranking remaining Harrington armsman available on Grayson.

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