Star Knight class in space 01
Name: Star Knight class
Type: Heavy cruiser
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Kingdom of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1893 PD
Preceded By: Prince Consort & Crusader-class
Succeeded By: Edward Saganami class series
Mass: 305,250 tons
Length: 523 m
Beam: 63 m
Draught: 53 m
Acceleration: 510 G
Crew: 925
Power: 3 fusion power plants
Armament: Broadside:
– 12 Mod 7b launchers[1]
– 4 graser mounts
– 6 laser mounts
– 8 Counter Missile Tubes
– 8 PDL Clusters

– 2 Mod 7b missile launcher
– 1 graser mount
– 5 CM tubes
– 5 PDL clusters

Magazines: Mk-13 anti ship missiles

The Star Knight class was a class of heavy cruisers built and used by the Royal Manticoran Navy.

History Edit

The Bureau of Ships began working on the Star Knight-class in the late 1880s PD. (HHA5.4: AItMSAD)

Designed to supersede both the Prince Consort and Crusader classes, the Star Knight was the newest heavy cruiser design fielded by the RMN around 1900 PD, Having six times more firepower than the Courageous-class light cruisers, the Star Knight-class was designed to carry the strongest armaments available, while still retaining flag capabilities. This included a large dining facility, and very large flag accommodations. (HH2)

The Star Knight was the first 2 deck heavy cruiser and the first designed to survive laser head Missiles. The Grayson Space Navy named them the Alliance-class. ("House of Steel")

Technical Specifications Edit

The Command Information Center (CIC) had a holotank, which showed the relative positions of the vessels and other objects taken from the sensors. (HH2) Though the class had three fusion plants, only one was needed. (HH3)

Derivates Edit

The Star Knight-class was used as a template for other warship classes in at least two cases:

Known ships of the class Edit

References Edit

  1. Cycle time: 8 seconds
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