Stacey Hauptman
Female civilian
Full Name
Stacey Hauptman
"Crystal Mind" (treecat name)
Female   Female
Birth date
1879 PD[1]
Chairwoman of the
Hauptman Foundation
  ●   Father(s): 
  ●   Grandfather(s): 

Stacey Hauptman was a Manticoran citizen and Klaus Hauptman's daughter. She was his main assistant in the administration of the Hauptman Cartel, his only child and sole heir.

Physical appearence Edit

Stacey was trim and lithe, but richly curved. She her father's dark hair and her mother's high cheekbones, oval face, and brown eyes. (HH6)

Biography Edit

Stacey was born in the late 19th Century PD to Klaus Hauptman and his wife, who died soon after. During her lonely childhood, she developed a major crush on Harold Sukowski, the captain of the Hauptman family yacht. When he eventually left to take command of the newly commissioned cargo liner Bonaventure, she presented him with an antique sextant. He in turn made her a supernumerary crew member and keel plate owner of the ship.

Stacey was very worried when the Bonaventure was captured by pirates, and accompanied her father during Honor Harrington's anti-piracy mission in 1910. When Harrington's actions shamed Klaus, who had long been hostile to her, Stacey was influential in bringing about a reconciliation between Klaus and Harrington. (HH6)

In the following years, Stacey and her father became close friends and political allies of the Harrington family. After Solomon Hayes of the Landing Tattler brought a story about Honor Harrington and Hamish Alexander's unborn children, the newsfax was bought by Hauptman in order to "clean up the professionalism of Manticoran journalism"; one of her first orders of business was to have Mr. Hayes removed from the company after discovering financial irregularities in his expense reports. (HH11)

She also chaired the board of the Hauptman Foundation, a large-scale charity organisation founded by her grandfather. (CS1)

Character Edit

Stacey was an intelligent and accomplished young woman. She was comfortable with her appearance even though she was not classically beautiful; her father's fortune could have afforded her the finest biosculpt in the Galaxy, but she chose to wear the face that her parents' genes had given her.

Stacey enjoyed swimming in the pool of the Hauptman family estate. (HH6)

References Edit

  1. She was 29 in 1908 PD.