Squadron was an Old Earth naval term still in use in the Post Diaspora era that described a formation of ships, usually of the same type. The original term meant a grouping of three to four ships or two divisions, but in the days of Honor Harrington, many navies used it to describe groupings from eight to sixteen ships or two to four divisions, depending on the type.

Numerous squadrons together could form a flotilla (in the case of destroyers or cruisers), a task force, or a fleet. (HH2)

Squadron Administration Edit

  • DesRon - Destroyer Squadron
  • CruRon - Cruiser Squadron, may be formed of either Light or Heavy Cruisers
  • BatCruRon - Battlecruiser Squadron
  • BatRon - Battle Squadron, formed of Ships of the Wall
  • CLACRon - CLAC Squadron

Royal Manticoran NavyEdit

Squadrons in the RMN were permanent administrative units, not necessarily tactical units, although cruisers and above tend to be kept together as much as possible as tactical units.[1]

  • DesRon – 3-4 divisions[2]
  • CruRon – 4 divisions
  • BatCruRon – 2 divisions
  • BatRon – 3-4 divisions
  • CLACRon – 3 divisions

References Edit

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