The Spindle System was a star system in the Talbott Cluster with one inhabitable planet. In 1921 PD, it became the capital system of the Star Empire of Manticore's Talbott Quadrant.

Star Geography Edit

The system was located near the center of the Cluster. It featured one inhabitable world, Flax, and one gas giant, Everest. (SI1, HH12)

History Edit

Spindle was protected by the Spindle Space Navy.[1] (SI2)

The system served as the seat of the Constitutional Convention, and was to be the center of government once the annexation was completed. The Royal Manticoran Navy's Talbott Station was headquartered in Spindle. (SI1)

In Febuary 1922 PD, the Solarian League Navy's Task Force 496 under the command of Fleet Admiral Sandra Crandall entered the system and demanded its surrender, but was defeated by the Royal Manticoran Navy in what became known as the Battle of Spindle. (HH12)

References Edit

  1. The SSN was likely incorporated into the Royal Manticoran Navy after Spindle joined the Star Empire.