Spanish was a Romance (latin-derived) language that originated in the area of the Iberian Peninsula on Earth. The language was also known as "Castilian", after the historical Spanish region of Castile, where it first emerged.

Spanish was the main language on the planet San Martin, which had been founded by a group of ethno-preservationists intent on preserving it. (HH4)

Native speakers of the Spanish language, such as Jesus and Tomas Ramirez or Captain de Sangro, tended to maintain a particular and distinctive accent while speaking English, even after years of living in English-speaking societies. (HH2, HH4, HH7, HH8)

Despite its name in English, no word of the Spanish language ever begins with the "sp" phoneme, which leads Spanish speakers to have problems when pronouncing certain English words which do begin with that phoneme. (HH9)

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