The Solon System was one of the inner star systems of the Republic of Haven.

Star geography Edit

Solon was located to the galactic north east of the Haven System, in the inner regions of the Republic.

Several planet orbited its star, including the inhabited world of Arthur and the gas giant Merlin. There was also an asteroid belt called Nimue's Belt.[1] (HH11)

History Edit

Located to the galactic north east of Haven, Solon was an important backbone of the Republic's economy.

It was attacked by the Royal Manticoran Navy's Eighth Fleet as part of Operation Cutworm III during the Second Havenite-Manticoran War. Admiral Javier Giscard was able to defeat the Manticoran forces in the ensuing Battle of Solon.

The System Governor at that time was Georgina Mathieson. (HH11)

References Edit

  1. These names are obvious references to David Weber's Safehold Saga and its main character Nimue Alban / Merlin Athrawes.

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