Solomon Marchant was a Grayson citizen and an officer of the Grayson Space Navy.

Biography Edit

A distant cousin of Edmond Marchant, he held the rank of Commander and served as executive officer aboard GNS Jason Alvarez. (HH7)

He was aboard HMS Prince Adrian when she surrendered to the People's Navy. Later, he survived the escape from PNS Tepes and made it down to the prison Hades. After the formation of the Elysian Space Navy, he was given command of ENS MacArthur. (HH8)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

Commander – before or in 1911 PD

Posts Edit

  • Executive Officer, HMS Jason Alvarez (until Oct 23, 1911 PD)
  • Prize Master, PNS Krashnark (1913 PD)
  • Commanding Officer (Prize Master), ENS MacArthur (1913 PD)

Periods of inactive service Edit

  • Oct 23, 1911 PD - Havenite prisoner of war

References Edit