The Solarian League Marine Corps was the Naval infantry branch of the Solarian League's armed forces. They ordinarily were assigned in small units as part of the crews of League Navy warships.

Recruitment Edit

  • The Solarian League's regular armed forces had tougher entrance requirements than the auxiliary OFS's Frontier Forces.
  • Contrary to Office of Frontier Security practice, regular Solarian League armed forces would accept officer candidates from protectorate planets, even if they rarely enjoyed much of a career. Most of the members of the regular armed forces who came from a protectorate planet were unofficially called "sepoys" by those from the inner planets of the League, even their superior officers; the term was derogatory and derived from lagnuage used in the British colonial area of India on Old Earth, though its origin was somewhat obscure to most. The Solarian Marines had a particularly high recruitment rate in the protectorate worlds.
  • Recruitment for the Solarian Marines was performed by officers of the Solarian League Navy, and on protectorate planets as well as regular League member planets. (CS1)

Relations with Frontier Security Edit

Because of the origin of many Marines, the Office of Frontier Security used them on their protectorate planets only as a last resort. There was at least one incident where an OFS Security Battalion had been mangled during a pacification campaign by the Solarian Marines supposedly backing them up. An unfortunate "friendly fire" mishap had been the official explanation, which did not adequately account for a sixty percent casualty rate. (CS1)

Known Military Operations Edit

  • Pacification of the planet Boniface, by order of local OFS District Officer. While the operation was finally over, forces under the command of Luis Rozsak and Kao Huang[1] had taken by thirty percent casualty rates. (CS1)
  • Covert assault on space station in the Verdant Vista System, then controlled by Manpower Incorporated. In theory, only volunteer members of the Solarian Marines took part. In fact, all members of Bravo Company, Second Battalion, 877th Solarian Marine Regiment from the Maya Sector Detachment volunteered and took part in the operation acting as an integral part of a company-sized unit of so-called Torch Liberation Army.[2]

Experience Edit

The best units of the Solarian Marines probably had at least as much combat experience as the Havenite Marines or the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, given the number of bushfires they have been called upon to put out on assorted frontier planets. (CS1)

Losses in naval engagements Edit

The SLMC took significant casualties, when the SLN had lost some battles during Solarian-Manticoran War. According to lost superdreadnoughts number it can be estimated as equivalent of:

(HH12, HH13)

Branches and Units Edit

Personnel Edit

See here for a list of known SLMC personnel.

References Edit

  1. their exact ranks then are unknown
  2. The Office of Frontier Security frequently "granted leave" to entire units which then "volunteered" to "assist" some out-planet regime in the suppression of dissent. Or, more rarely, even in outright conquest. The regular SLN and Marines did not participate in such practices, of course.
  3. Technicaly part of the Office of Naval Intelligence, SLN.

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