The Solarian League Assembly was the supreme legislative body of the Solarian League. The Assembly met in the Chamber of Stars, a huge dome structure in Old Chicago.

Delegations Edit

Member worlds were represented by their delegations. The number of delegats was connected with size of member world's population. One third of delegations consisted of one delegate only[1]. Most delegations consisted of two or three delegats. In 1922 PD motion AD-1002-07-02-22 was voted by almost 12 thousands votes.

  • Beowulf - 9 delegates
  • Heimdall - 7 delegates

Committees Edit

Special Commissions Edit

  • a special commission to investigate the alleged treason of the system government of Beowulf in aiding and abetting an enemy of the Solarian League (motion AD-1002-07-02-22)

Procedures Edit

Each delegation had veto right in decisions concerning League policy. (HH9)

History Edit

After the extermination of the native Amphor species, the actions of the human colonists on the planet Barstool were officially condemned by an Assembly resolution. (SK1)

References Edit

  1. No more than 600 votes.

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