The Society for Creative Anachronism was a private organization based in the Solarian League, with chapters elsewhere, including the Star Kingdom of Manticore .[1]

Its members collected antiques and recreated the past the way it "ought to have been". Jacques Chou of Beowulf was a member (HH6), as was Audrey O'Hanrahan of Chicago on Earth. (HH12)

Lt. Commander Bridget Landry , CO of HMS Dagger , was a member of a Manticoran Chapter of the SCA.     Honor Harrington was an honorary member of that chapter, sponsored by her Uncle Jacques around 1891 PD.     Landry indicated that she had met Dutchess Harrington at a couple meetings, and that she had taken the pistol competition at both of them (HH12 )

References Edit

  1. David Weber likely intends this organization to be similar to or identical with the real world organization of the same name founded in 1966 CE.

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