Smoking Frog
( Tlaloc )
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Maya System


Maya Sector


1500 PD




> 100 million


12,360 km


1.01 G




Smoking Frog, also known as Tlaloc, was a planet in the Maya System and the capital world of the Maya Sector.

Specifications Edit

Hydrosphere: 76% (infodump)

Geography Edit

The planet had at least two continents, the smaller of which was New Tasmania. Most of the planet's surface was tectonically unstable, with lots of volcanoes. The capital city was Shuttlesport. (CS2)

History Edit

Named Tlaloc by the original discoverers, the planet was quickly renamed by its early inhabitants due to its "ring of fire", an area of strong vulcanic activity.[1] The majority of colonists were lower and middle class people from Solarian League planets like Kemal, who wanted a better life in a new colony. However, the planet suffered economic trouble when the Manticore Wormhole Junction was discovered in 1585 PD, rerouting traffic between the League's core worlds and the Haven Quadrant away from Maya. (CS2, infodump)

Anton Zilwicki traveled there to obtain information which he and Catherine Montaigne used to blackmail Lady North Hollow into destroying the North Hollow files and leaving the Star Kingdom of Manticore. (CS1)

William Tyler was infected with Mesan mind control nanites during a stop on Smoking Frog. (HH11)

References Edit

  1. The name is a reference to Siyaj K'ak', a prominent politician of the ancient Maya whose name glyph (meaning "Fire is born") was misinterpreted as "Smoking Frog" by scientists of a later period.