The title of this article is a conjecture. Though the topic is found within the Honorverse, no official name is given.

Slaver ship ToH 0

The slaver ship shortly before its destruction

A slaver ship commanded by a Mesan captain was active in the Silesian Confederacy in 1902 PD.

It was on a slaving run when it took a couple of Manticoran hostages, including a cousin by marriage of the Manticoran queen Elizabeth III. A short time later, it was intercepted in orbit of a barely habitable planet by the Royal Manticoran Navy heavy cruiser HMS Fearless. It then spaced the slaves it was carrying.

The cruiser's commander, Captain Honor Harrington, eventually agreed to an exchange of the hostages for the slavers' free passage from the system. However, she also had her ship broadcast the slaver vessel's signature, acceleration and vector on all frequencies. This gave a Havenite battlecruiser that was monitoring the system the chance to intercept. The slavers tried to surrender, but the Havenites destroyed the ship with their energy weapons, killing all aboard. (ToH:BtK0)

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