Sixth Fleet
Royal Manticoran Navy
Affiliation: Manticoran Alliance
Established: prior to 1911 PD
Commanding Officer: Admiral White Haven

Notable Battles: First Battle of Nightingale

Second Battle of Nightingale
First Battle of Trevor's Star


The Sixth Fleet was a heavy tactical unit of the Manticoran Alliance.

History Edit

The commanding officer of the Sixth Fleet was Admiral White Haven. This also included his direct command over a task force of Sixth Fleet during the First Battle of Nightingale. (HH5)

Theodosia Kuzak briefly took over command from White Haven when he was recalled to Manticore for consultations with Admiral Caparelli. (HH6)

It was an offensive force (among others, capturing Adler, Corrigan and Clairmont) until the conquest of Trevor's Star during the First Havenite-Manticoran War. (HH7, HH10)

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