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Sinead Terekhov
Full Name
Sinead Patricia O'Daley Terekhov
Female   Female
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Sinead Patricia O'Daley Terekhov was a Manticoran citizen and the wife of Sir Aivars Terekhov of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical Appearance Edit

She had dark red hair and green eyes.

Family Edit

Sinead and Aivars were married in 1877 PD[1] and went through all all the ups and downs of life together, including Terekhov's traumatic experiences during and after the Battle of Hyacinth. (SI1)

She was descended from two Naval families - the O'Daleys and the Longs[2] - and was a cousin of the current Duke of Winterfall. (HH15) Her family was extremely wealthy even for Manticoran standards. They owned the O'Daley Vineyards on Gryphon since c1620 PD. (SI2) Her parents gifted her with a townhouse, Three Oaks, on her marriage.

Role Edit

As the captain's wife, Sinead was the head of the Hexapuma Support Group, liaising between the families of the ship's crew and the Navy, and arranged gatherings for the ship's dependents. She continued in this role even after her husband was promoted as there were no other officer's spouse senior enough to fulfill the duties required.

References Edit

  1. In 1920 PD, they were married for 43 T-years.
  2. Likely related to Travis Uriah Long.

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