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Silvestria was an independent planet located close to a terminus of the Erewhon Wormhole Junction, with two nations opposed to each other, the Canmore Republic[1] and the Kingdom of Chuiban.[2]

A Silvestrian month was thirty-five days long.

History Edit

It was settled by two groups: the Pechili Consortium sent a cryogenic ship in which two-thirds of the colonists died. The survivors founded the kingdom. The Conforming Wee Free Kirk sent a hypership and the colonists founded the Republic. After some time, the two factions began to make war on one another.

Around 1900 PD, the planet had a population of about five million. (HHA2.5: DLS)

Places on Silvestria Edit

Animal species Edit

Companies Edit

References Edit

  1. Supported by the Star Kingdom of Manticore.
  2. Supported by the People's Republic of Haven.

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