The Shuttlesport Conference of 1709 PD was an important conference of delegates from the Maya Sector.

It was hosted in Shuttlesport, capital city of the Maya System on the planet Smoking Frog, with almost no publicitiy or public notice of it despite the fundamental changes that would come as a result of it. The delegates assembled a comprehensive strategy designed to turn Maya and its trading partners into a political and economic unit. While the conference delegates never expected to transform themselves into a multi-system star nation, they were able to forumlate a common economic strategy to bootstrap their less affluent members.

At the same time, the delegates deliberately fostered a sense of the "Maya Sector" as a cultural, economic, and – to some extent – political unit. Having carefully analyzed the reality behind the Solarian League's facade of representative government, the delegates (and their successors) began to very cautiously establish direct contact with members of the bureaucracies which truly ran the League. Meanwhile, Maya began actively courting investments by Solarian transstellar corporations, offering attractive opportunities, but putting into place local protections and controls at the same time. (tech bible)

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