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Calendar 2006

Cover of the 2006 calendar

Calendar 2007

Cover of the 2007 calendar

Ships of the Fleet 2014

Cover of the 2014 calendar

Ships of the Fleet is the title of a line of wall calendars created by Ad Astra Games and published by Final Sword Productions.

Development Edit

While the Ad Astra team was confirming dates for the Honorverse scenario packs, the question of date conversion came up and they had a date conversion program written.

Each month's page features a 3D artwork of one or more ships from the Honorverse.

Editions Edit

2006 Edit

The calendar shows the Terrestrial Standard date in conventional format, and runs from September 1903 PD (2005 CE) to December 1904 PD (2006 CE). The colored bands show the dates on Manticore, Sphynx and Gryphon, respectively - including where those dates overlap a Gregorian date.

2007 Edit

This calendar has 15 images of the Honorverse ships of the Fleet series, and includes date conversions for Manticore, Sphinx and Gryphon. Suitable for 1904/1905 Post Diaspora, the calendar also works for 2006/2007 CE.

2014 Edit

Illustrated by Charles Oines, this calendar also contains convention listings where David Weber is appearing.

References Edit

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