Ships sailing under various star nation's navies and institutions would generally have an identifying prefix in front of their name.

Andermani EmpireEdit

Masada Edit

Republic of MonicaEdit

New Tuscany Edit


Protectorate of GraysonEdit

  • GNSGrayson Navy Ship (supplanted by GSNS)
  • GSNSGrayson Space Navy Ship
  • ESNElysian Space Navy, former prefix for ships of the Protector's Own Squadron when they were under the command of escaped POWs from Hades
  • GSGrayson Ship - prefix for privately owned vessels

Republic of ErewhonEdit

Republic of HavenEdit

Silesian ConfederacyEdit

Ships in the Silesian Confederacy sometimes use the Confederacy prefix, other times the prefix of their individual protectorates.

Solarian League Edit

SLNS - Solarian League Navy Ship

Star Kingdom of ManticoreEdit

  • HMSHis/Her Majesty's Starship, used by the Royal Manticoran Navy (RMN)
  • RMMSRoyal Merchant Marine Starship, used by the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine
  • HMAMCHis/Her Majesty's Armed Merchant Cruiser, Admiralty designation for RMN Q-ships, although they would publicly sail under an alternate registry and name in order to disguise their true nature (such as RMMS). RMN Q-ships could also be referred to as HMS.
  • HMSSHis/Her Majesty's Space Station
  • HMLACHis/Her Majesty's Light Attack Craft - infrequently used prefix for LACs
  • RMSRoyal Manticoran Starship - prefix for privately owned vessels

Kingdom of Torch Edit

  • TNSTorch Navy Ship

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