The Shilo Force was an unformal name for Havenite State Security expedition, sent in 1913 PD, via the Shilo and Cerberus System, to fortify and pacify the reconquered Seabring System.

History Edit

See: Third Battle of Seabring

It was planned to take 70,000 prisoners from the prison planet Hades for forced labor during the fortification works at Seabring. The last stop before Cerberus was Shilo, where the expedition was strengthened with additional warships and cargo. At Shilo, the expedition was subordinated to General (SS) Prestwick Thornegrave.

On October 12, 1913 PD the StateSec expedition entered parking orbit over Hades. The convoy was ordered by Charon Control to drop its impeller wedges and shields. When a demand for surrender was transmitted, the CO of PNS Attila attempted to respond and the ship was destroyed by the orbital defenses. The explosion resulted in the near total destruction of two other warships, PNS Hachiman and PNS Seahorse. The rest of the convoy remained spaceworthy, and surrendered to the Allied forces led by Admiral Honor Harrington, who had taken control of the planet. (HH8)

Order of battle Edit

Command team:

  • Major General (SS) Harris (†) - Commanding Officer (1)
  • Major General (SS) Prestwick Thornegrave - Commanding Officer (2)
  • Commodore Rachel Yang - senior naval officer[1]

State Security Naval Forces units:

References Edit

  1. With her staff.

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