The Shark class was a pod-laying strike ship developed by the Mesan Alignment Navy.

The design was developed as a training ship and a proof of concept of the new spider drive propulsion system, and only 28 were constructed. They were midway in size between an old-fashioned battleship and a dreadnought (ca. 4 million tonnes[1]).

These ships did not use impeller drives and so had no need of the characteristic 'hammerhead' at bow and stern. They were heavily stealthed, and though limited to less than one hundred gravities maximum acceleration, they were designed for slow and undetectable deployment. They were able to engage targets from very long distances with support of pre-deployed sensor platforms on site.

They were prototypes, and were scheduled for replacement by the Leonard Detweiler class of internal missile pod ships. They were nevertheless put into service as part of Operation Oyster Bay, due to an unexpected opportunity consequent on the Battle of Manticore and the large losses to both Manticoran and Havenite navies. (SI2)

Shark-class units were too vulnerable to take part in open combat. (HH12)

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  1. However, according to a note in the HH9 glossary, Jayne's listed the Triumphant-class battleships as above 4.5 million tonnes

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