Name: Seydlitz class
Type: Superdreadnought
Affiliation: ImperialAndermaniNavySign Imperial Andermani Navy
Succeeded By: Adler class
Mass: 7,750,000 tons

The Seydlitz class was a type of superdreadnought built and operated by the Imperial Andermani Navy.

Class Design Edit

The Seydlitz class[1] pre pod-laying superdreadnoughts were smaller and less massive than the contemporary Sphinx- and Gryphon-class vessels operated by the Royal Manticoran Navy. Ships of that class were intended to have a faster acceleration than the Manticoran designs.

Despite their smaller size, and due to the IAN's naval doctrine, the Seydlitz-class fielded an impressive missile battery which was over fifty percent larger than that of the Sphinx-class. Before the creation of pod-laying superdreadnoughts, it was the strongest missile armed class of warships. (HH6)

References Edit

  1. It was likely named for Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz, a German cavalry general in the 18th Century CE.

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