Series 282 LAC
Name: Series 282
Type: Light attack craft
Affiliation: Star Kingdom of Manticore
Date Introduced: 1904 PD
Succeeded By: Shrike class
Mass: 17,750 tons

Length: 121 m

Beam: 20 m
Draught: 19 m
Acceleration: 458.6 G
(573.2 G maximum)
Crew: 10
Armament: Broadside: 12MB, 1L, 1CM, 3PD

Chase: 1L, 2PD

The Series 282 was a line of prototype light attack craft design used by the Royal Manticoran Navy prior to the advent of the LAC carrier.

Trojan-class Q-ships like HMAMC Wayfarer were equipped with a number of these vessels. (HH6)

They were retired along with their Trojan-class motherships in 1918 PD. (Companion)

History Edit

A prototype LAC design, the Series 282 light attack craft were never given a formal class name. Designed by the Weapon Development Board for the Trojan Horse program, the Series 282 saw extremely limited service.

In comparison to the Highlander-class, the Series 282 had a flattened hull that was slightly smaller than Highlander LACs despite weighing 6,500 tons more. The Series 282 also took advantage of technological advances in equipment miniaturization and automation to significantly reduce the volume necessary for critical systems. However, despite its smaller size, the Series 282 was criticised for having near-identical "on-paper" offensive capabilities to the old design and was regarded as suitable only for local defense and was produced only in very small numbers. Those built provided valuable information regarding the performance of the new technologies, many of which found their way into the Shrike-class LACs which succeeded the Series 282.

Performance Edit

Series 282 LACs carried 12 cell-launched missiles, with both the missiles and launch-cells themselves far more advanced than anything mounted on Highlander-class LACs. Series 282 beam mounts were also more powerful and an additional counter-missile launcher in each broadside doubled its survivability. In addition, the Series 282 LAC was the first LAC to mount an impeller ring powerful enough to accelerate the ship to the limits of its inertial compensator. The Series 282 would go on to serve as a testbed for early second generation inertial compensators which raised its maximum acceleration to over 600G.

Known vessels Edit

References Edit

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