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The Senate was the upper house of the Congress of the Republic of Haven.

History Edit

Originally established by the first Constitution of the Republic of Haven, the Senate served as the upper house of Congress until the DuQuesne Plan enshrined Legislaturist rule over the renamed "People's Republic of Haven".

The Senate was re-established after the overthrow of Oscar Saint-Just and the subsequent restoration of the Republic's original Constitution by Eloise Pritchart and Admiral Thomas Theisman. (HH10)

Organization and Powers Edit

In 1922 PD, the Senate was composed of at least 201 senators.[1] (HH13)

The Senate was divided into Committees, which were responsible of overseeing and supervising governmental activities. Among such committees were the Foreign Affairs and Naval Affairs Committees. (HH10)

In addition to its legislative powers, the Senate was required by the Constitution to provide advice and consent upon any declaration of war or conclusion of peace carried out by the President. (HH11)

Meeting Place Edit

The Senate's meeting place was the Senate Building, which was renamed as the "Hall of the People" under the Legislaturists. The building reverted to its original role and use after the restoration of the Republic. (HH10)

References Edit

  1. The treaty ending the Second Havenite-Manticoran War passed with 56 affirmative votes more than the 2/3 majority required and only 11 dissenting votes. If S equals the number of voting senators, then (2/3)S+56+11=S and S=201.