Sector 12, also called Region 12, was a peripheral area of the Solarian League, administered by the Liaison Service and plagued with an on-going piracy problem.

History Edit

A number of Alphane artifacts were discovered in the sector, like the so-called Six Pylons on Hope and ruins of a city covered with lava on the planet Tesserow. In early post diaspora period four planets in the region, including Hope and Air were controlled by the Teutonic Order. (HHA1.2: AGT)

Solarian administration Edit

There were no local authorities. The Liaison Service was supported by the Solarian Gendarmerie. In the Hope and Air Systems there were no presence of the Solarian League Navy. Known members of Liaison Service bureaucracy were:

  • Officer Flowker – subregional officer with seat in the Air System
  • Officer Denise Kawalec (CLO 2[1]) – in charge with the Hope System

Systems and worlds Edit

It is certain the planets Hope and Air were located there. Other systems in the neighbourhood of Hope and Air were:

References Edit

  1. Chief Liaison Officer?

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