The Secretary of War was a Havenite cabinet position under the Legislaturist government, the Committee of Public Safety, and the government of the restored Republic of Haven. The nominal head of the Republic's armed forces, the Secretary's headquarters was located in the Octagon in the capital city of Nouveau Paris.

In 1900 PD, Elaine Dumarest was Secretary of War under Hereditary President Harris. (HH1)

Esther McQueen was appointed to the post in 1913 PD, despite the reservations of the Committee of Public Safety. (HH8)

After the Theisman Coup and the restoration of the old Republic, Thomas Theisman, with the approval of President Eloise Pritchart, took over this office and that of Chief of Naval Operations to ensure that the new government would not be at risk from rogue elements within the navy's ranks. (HH11)

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