Second Battle of Trevor's Star
Battlesign RMN vs RHN PN
ConflictSecond Havenite-Manticoran War
Date1919 PD
PlaceTrevor's Star System
ResultAlliance victory

Manticoran Alliance:

Republic of Haven:
Task Force 10, RHN


Adm. Giscard

  • 86 SD(P)
  • 52 SD
  • 8 CLAC
  • at least 1300 LAC
  • screen (BC)
  • 100 SD and SD(P)
  • at least 1 CLAC with 200 LAC


15 LAC

The Second Battle of Trevor's Star was an armed engagement between the Royal Manticoran Navy, with assistance from the Grayson Space Navy, and the Republic of Haven Navy in the opening days of the Second Havenite-Manticoran War as part of Operation Thunderbolt.

Order of battleEdit

Maticoran AllianceEdit


  • 46 SD(P)
  • 51 SD
  • at least 200 system LAC (hundreds)


  • 40 SD(P)
  • 1 SD
  • 8 CLAC (according to Havenite tracking) with 1080 LAC
  • BC

Republic of Haven NavyEdit

Task Force 10, CO Admiral Javier Giscard:

  • wall of battle[4]
  • a CLAC element

Course of battleEdit

Task Force Ten translated into the system directly on the hyper limit and on a vector for a least-time transit to San Martin, concentrating on the inner system first instead of simultaneously attack both it and the Trevor's Star Terminus. Manticoran Perimeter Security immediately detected their arrival and issued an alert. At the terminus, Admiral MacDonnell initiated the Alpha One contingency plan and his units started their stealth advance in-system to assist Third Fleet.

It was at that point, that the Havenites became aware of his presence when two of his ship's impeller wedges "bled" through their ECM and were detected by Havenite recon drones and LACs. Uncertain of the size and strength of MacDonnell's task force, Admiral Giscard ordered the LACs to continue to close in an attempt to indentify the unexpected reinforcements. The Graysons detected the approaching light attack craft and MacDonnell ordered one of his carriers, GSNS Ararat, to launch her LACs and intercept. One hundred and twenty Katana-class LACs launched and intercepted the fifteen Havenite recon LACs. Faced with two converging forces, Giscard ordered evasive plan Tango-Baker-Three-One and the Havenites retreated. (HH10)


The Havenites retreated and Manticore retained control of the system. (HH10)


  1. Including probably HMS King Roger III, the fleet flagship.
  2. Including GNS Benjamin the Great, task force flagship.
  3. Including GNS Ararat, Captain Davis commanding.
  4. RHNS Sovereign of Space, flagship

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