Sebastian Adcock was a Maslow-born Manticoran citizen and engineer.

He was a prominent and highly successful specialist in deep space infrastructure design and development. He had two children, Jonas and Angelique from his first wife, also named Angelique, who died after the birth of her daughter. His second wife, Annette, gave him another two children, Jeptha and Aidan convinced him to leave Maslow when it became clear that Maslow would soon adopt its own version of the Havenite Technical Conservation Act of 1778 PD, making it almost impossible for him to work freely.

Even though the Maslowan Technical Conservation Act of 1815 PD made Adcock a "nation resource", he and his family somehow managed to escape from Maslow and make it to the Manticore System, with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Adcock began to work as a common laborer aboard the space station Hephaestus, and eventually rose to the position of Senior Station Operations Manager. He died in the late 1840s PD. (Companion)

Through his daughter, he was the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth III. (HHA2.3: QG)

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