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Sean Tyler
Male military
Full Name
Sean Tyler
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Sean Tyler was a Manticoran citizen and an enlisted crewmember of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical appearance Edit

Tyler was dark complected and stood a bit under normal height for a Manticoran native, and seemed nearly as broad as he was tall, being "big boned" rather than massive. (HHA4.3: ASNF)

Biography Edit

Serving in the Manticoran Navy and having reached the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, Tyler asked for a transfer to Grayson service.

Nearly a year later, after being assigned to the superdreadnought Victory for about six months, he was transferred to GNS Francis Mueller as a Sick Berth Attendant Third Class of the Grayson Space Navy. He soon realized his mistake, since Francis Mueller was an obsolete ship filled with below-average crewmembers Grayson Command Central had shipped off in order to keep them from destabilizing the war effort.[1] (HHA4.3: ASNF)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Chief Warrant Officer

Posts Edit

  • Sick Berth Attendant, HMS Victory
  • Sick Berth Attendant, GNS Francis Mueller

References Edit

  1. Tyler is the main protagonist of John Ringo's and Victor Mitchell's short story A Ship Named Francis, a mostly humorous mock-up of the Honorverse that should perhaps not be taken too seriously.

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