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Saracen Tower was a large residential tower for Citizens in the city of Mendel on the planet Mesa, nine hundred meters in diameter and one and a half kilometers tall.

The building was a honeycomb of fifty meter wide ceramacrete tubes arranged in cells which ringed a central core. Its central cell consisted of six tubes arranged in a ring around a central air shaft which also gave access to small air cars. Outside was a large atrium, thirty meters across, with pedestrian ways and traffic lanes. Suspended pedestrian and vehicle ways crossed it at regular intervals. A second ring of cells, each identical to the central core, threaded around the atrium, surrounded by another atrium and yet another ring of cells.

Saracen Tower was hit by a low-yield nuclear bomb as part of the Mesan Alignment's Operation Houdini in 1922 PD. The explosion killed 1,463 people in the auditorium and everyone on the 71 floors above it in the same loadbearing tube. (CS3)

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