Dr. Sanura Hobbard was a Solarian-born xeno-anthropologist at Landing University's Xenology Institute on Sphinx.

She was a pleasant-face woman with dark brown eyes and auburn hair. (SK1)

She and her husband, city planer Jerome Hobbard, came to the Star Kingdom of Manticore in 1497 PD, just over twenty years before treecats were first discovered on the planet Sphinx. Though she spent almost fifteen T-years studying them and trying to teach them to sign, she learned little about them as the 'cats had made a decision not to cooperate, and those humans who had bonded with a 'cat, including Stephanie Harrington, were playing dumb.[1] (HH9, HHA2.1: TS, SK1)

References Edit

  1. This was before Singer From Silence gave treecats an understanding of the concept of a spoken language.

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