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Sandra Crandall
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Sandra Crandall was a Solarian citizen and an officer of the Solarian League Navy's Battle Fleet.

Physical appearance Edit

Crandall was a solidly built woman, with mahogany-colored hair and brown eyes. (SI2)

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Fleet Admiral, Crandall served as the commanding officer of Battle Fleet's Task Force 496. After hearing of the destruction of Admiral Josef Byng's flagship, SLNS Jean Bart, in the Second Battle of New Tuscany, she angrily ordered her task force to the center of the Talbot Quadrant. (SI2)

In early 1922 PD, Crandall and her task force arrived in the Spindle System, where she demanded the turning over of Admiral Gold Peak and all others involved in the New Tuscany Incident. Imperial Governor Medusa declined, so Crandall ordered her ships to attack the Manticoran fleet in the orbit of Flax.

However, the Royal Manticoran Navy was expecting her, and 23 of her 71 ships of the wall, including her own flagship, SLNS Joseph Buckley, were destroyed or pounded into wrecks in the Battle of Spindle. Her flag bridge remained intact and without casualties, but the Manticoran Marine troops inspecting it after the battle found Admiral Crandall having been killed with a shot to the back of her head. (HH12)

Service Record Edit

Ranks Edit

  • Fleet Admiral

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, Task Force 496

References Edit

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