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Sandra Connors
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Sandra Connors was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the Office of State Security.


Prior to 1914 PD, Connors was a People's Commissioner assigned to Admiral Alec Dimitri, who was Admiral Thomas Theisman's second in command of DuQuesne Base in the Barnett System. During this period, Connors and Admiral Dimitri served as a replacement command team for Admiral Theisman and Commissioner Denis LePic.

When both Theisman and LePic were recalled to the Haven System to take command of the Capital Fleet, Connors became the Barnett System's senior People's Commissioner. However, her tenure was brief, as Barnett became the first target of the Manticoran Alliance offensive codenamed "Operation Buttercup" in late 1914 PD.

After the Allied Eighth Fleet completely destroyed the Barnett defense forces and without any feasible defensive capabilities remaining, Connors gave Admiral Dimitri permission to surrender his command to Admiral White Haven. (HH9)

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  • People's Commissioner to Admiral Alec Dimitri (1914 PD)

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