The Saltash System was a star system in the neighborhood of the Madras Sector of the Solarian League, located just to the galactic south of the Talbott Cluster. (SI1)

Its sole inhabited planet was Cinnamon, which orbited the primary at a distance of about nine light-minutes. Other large bodies included Saltash Delta, the gas giant Himalaya, and the Casper Belt.

The system was disputed between two nations located there, the Republic of Lochore and the Republic of McPhee, until the Solarian League Office of Frontier Security was called in to mediate between the waring parties around 1860 PD. Saltash technically remained an independent system, but became a client state of the OFS, charged with a 35% assistance fee.

In April 1922 PD, the Royal Manticoran Navy entered the system to demand the release of two illegally seized Manticoran merchant vessels; when the governor refused, the Solarian picket was largely destroyed. (HH14)

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