Sally MacBride
Female military
Full Name
Sally MacBride
Female   Female

Sally MacBride was a Manticoran citizen and non-commissioned officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Biopgraphy Edit

MacBride was born on the planet Gryphon in the 19th Century PD. In ~1870 PD, she enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy.

In 1900 PD, MacBride held the rank of Senior Chief Boatswain's Mate and was assigned to the light cruiser HMS Fearless for a mission in the Basilisk System. She was the senior enlisted crewmember aboard Fearless. During the First Battle of Basilisk, she led a group of crewmen to Missile Room Two for repairs. She was injured when a missile explosion smashed her up against a wall. (HH1)

As a Senior Master Chief Boatswain's Mate, she was assigned to the armed merchant cruiser HMAMC Wayfarer as the ship's bosun; one of her first actions aboard was to chastise power tech Randy Steilman and his band of "troublemakers" for trying to start a quarrel with Aubrey Wanderman. (HH6)

She later served in the same capacity aboard the LAC carrier HMS Minotaur. (HH8)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Senior Chief Boatswain's Mate
  • Senior Master Chief Boatswain's Mate

Posts Edit

  • HMS Fearless (CL-56)
  • Ship's Bosun, HMAMC Wayfarer
  • Ship's Bosun, HMS Minotaur

References Edit

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