The Sacristy was the ruling authority of the Grayson branch of the Church of Humanity Unchained.


The Sacristy consisted of a number of high-ranking elders and clerics of the Church of Humanity Unchained. The Reverend and First Elder of the Church was the head of the Sacristy, assisted in his duties by the Second Elder. (HH5)


The Sacristy was the Church's highest governing, administrative, doctrinary and disciplinary authority, and its rulings and decisions affected the practice of the Church's faith. Before Benjamin the Great's Constitution and its establishment of a secular High Court, the Sacristy also fulfilled a role as Grayson's highest court of law, and even under the Constitution, the Sacristy was still in charge of training jurists and retained the right of consent on High Court appointments.

One of the Sacristy's most grave responsibilities was to declare a member of the Church to be in error on a matter of faith. Should such person were a priest of the Church, the declaration of error stripped him of his duties, responsibilities and offices held under the Church until he publically recanted from his error and requested forgiveness.

Despite its powers, the Sacristy was subordinate in power and authority to the entire body of the Church's faithful, when gathered in a General Convocation of the Church. (HH5)

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