Sabrina Longmont
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Sabrina Longmont
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Sabrina Longmont was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the People's Navy.

Biography Edit

Longmont was one of the officers of the People's Navy who supported the Committee of Public Safety during its first years in power, if only due to being too aware of the Legislaturalists' failures. In time, Longmont rose to the rank of Admiral and became a fervent supporter of the New Order, and adopted the forms of address established by the Committee.

However, after losing a battle against the Manticoran Alliance and perhaps due to her loyalty, Admiral Longmont was sentenced to Hades Planetary Prison instead of facing a firing squad. The experience gave Longmont a close view of the Committee's excesses.

Once on Hades, Longmont was imprisoned at Camp Delta-Forty, a facility used to house those Havenite prisoners which had a greater chance of eventual "rehabilitation", and thus was spared most of the brutality inflicted by the Office of State Security upon the rest of the prisoners. Indeed, Admiral Longmont did not believe that the stories of atrocities in Hades were true, until the main StateSec facility fell under control of a group of prisoners and she, along with those Delta-Forty prisoners willing to cooperate, was sent to Styx Island, where she could witness the extent of StateSec's reign of terror.

Admiral Longmont agreed to sit on the military tribunal assembled by the former prisoners to try StateSec personnel charged with abuses, but only upon the condition that any death sentence would require a unanimous vote, and that she would only agree to it if she found it to be in strict accordance with Havenite military regulations, as she believed her duty was to speak for her fellow Havenites until guilt could be assigned beyond reasonable doubt, to prevent the trials from degenerating into a vendetta.

Eventually, Longmont formed a friendly relationship with many of the former inmates, and many of them, Commodore Alistair McKeon included, believed she would eventually defect with Admiral Amos Parnell and other former high-ranking Havenite military officers. (HH8)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Admiral (prior to the 1910s PD)

References Edit

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