SLNS Oceanus was a Morrigan-class light cruiser of the Solarian League Navy.

History Edit

In 1922 PD, the ship was assigned to the Mobius System in the Verge of the League, escorting two intervention battalions destined for Mobius Beta. Once the battalions were detached, Oceanus supported them with kinetic strikes from orbit.

However, in July of the same year, a Royal Manticoran Navy force commanded by Commodore Aivars Terekhov arrived in the Mobius System, and Commander Watson was ordered to abandon and scuttle his ship, or be destroyed. Watson quickly obeyed, knowing he had no chance to survive a confrontation with the RMN. (HH14)

Known crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

References Edit

Morrigan-class light cruisers
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