SLNS Artillerist was a Marksman-class light cruiser of the Solarian League Navy's Maya Sector Detachment.


Like her sister ships, Artillerist was built by the Carlucci Industrial Group of Erewhon in the early 1920s PD. Once she had been delivered to the Maya Sector Detachment, she became part of Light Cruiser Squadron 7036 and served as the flagship for its second division.

In October 1921 PD, Artillerist served as the flagship of "Anvil Force" in the Battle of Torch. She, along with her sister ship SLNS Archer and the rest of Anvil Force, remained in orbit of Torch to serve as a point-defense shield in case of any possible bombardment of the planet by the People's Navy in Exile. Later, with the destruction of the PNE's battlecruiser element, but with the losses to Admiral Luiz Rozsak's "Hammer Force" leaving him unable to carry through against the remaining PNE forces, it was the sudden appearance of Artillerist, Archer, and the last remaining Masquerade-class arsenal ship SLNS Charade from Torch orbit that convinced the surviving PNE commander to surrender. (CS2)

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