The 'SGC-902-36-G Wormhole Anomaly' (or 'The Twins') was a pair of wormhole termini in the SGC-902-36-G System less than two light-minutes from one another and 9.24 light-minutes from SGC-902-36-G itself, placing them precisely on the star's hyperlimit and making them the only known wormhole termini in the explored galaxy which were less than thirty light-minutes from a star.

One of the anomaly's termini was associated with the Felix Wormhole Junction while the other was associated with the Torch Wormhole Bridge. The phenomenon was discovered by the Mesan Alignment while surveying the Felix Junction, under the guise of an expedition backed by the Jessyk Combine operating out of the Mannerheim System in the Solarian League. Its existence was concealed from the rest of the galaxy by the Alignment. (CS2)

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