The Royal Torch Navy was the space defense force of the Kingdom of Torch.

Ships of the Torch Navy used the prefix TNS.

History Edit

The RTN was created at the time that the Kingdom of Torch was created in late 1919 PD. Thandi Palane was appointed Torch Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief by Queen Berry at that time. (CS1)

From the beginning the RTN had a solid core of officers, most of them having had a professional naval background before immigrating to the new star nation. The majority of these were distinctly Beowulfan, but a small number of them were born, raised, and trained on Manticore, although all of them were descendants of freed genetic slaves.

The RTN's first ships were acquired from the Anti-Slavery League, which had had them built in Manticoran yards; they were equipped to a much higher standard of performance than would be expected of a private organization. Those eight Nat Turner-class frigates were commissioned into the RTN shortly after Torch was organized. Having been trained as a Marine, Palane relied on Anton Zilwicki and the people he had found to run the ships and on the Ballroom members who had been trained as crewmen on them. (CS2)

Order of battle Edit

The Royal Torch Navy's ship complement was considerably enlarged after the Second Battle of Congo, when the government of the Solarian Maya Sector transfered to the RTN the captured warships of the People's Navy in Exile, including:

Known ships Edit

References Edit

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